About Roger Farkash

Faded family photos of a New Jersey Christmas chronicle Roger Farkash’s first Holiday season and his new toy train set. In the years that followed, the magic and lure of both real and toy trains became an important part of his life, and the mechanical whirr of the model train was always on his mind. By age seven, inspired by Lionel trains under the Christmas tree, Roger’s creative energies revolved around building toy train layouts. Paper mache mountains and hand-painted cardboard buildings graced floor layouts that moved from room to room until a corner in the attic became the ultimate home of his railroad empire.

Roger left his childhood trains behind when he went to college to pursue a career in the theatrical arts, which ultimately led him to found T W Design in 1982. T W Design (Theatrical Warehouse) is a Dallas-based studio specializing in designing and building sets for stage and film, tradeshows, interactive marketing campaigns, and more. That same year, the birth of the Farkash's first child rekindled the family's Christmas train legacy, and T W Design afforded Roger a tremendous resource and outlet for his craft.

While designing and building stage environments, Roger’s capabilities caught the attention of toy company showroom

producers. He began designing and building elaborate displays and showrooms for companies including Kenner, Tonka, Mattel, Ertl, Corgi. During this time, Roger and his son crafted a personal 16' X 28' train layout at T W Design's corporate office that later became the basis for a 3-Railers Club layout in Dallas.

In 2000, his impressive portfolio in the toy business along with his enthusiasm for toy trains caught the attention of the marketing team at Lionel. Roger designed Lionel’s #840 Powerhouse booth for the New York Toy Fair which began a lasting relationship that has included numerous trade show presentations, the acclaimed Lionel layout which debuted at the 2008 York show, as well as numerous custom train layouts and displays for Lionel's marketing efforts throughout the country.

Roger's innovative approach to custom train table and furniture design grew into T W TrainWorx division at T W Design. TrainWorx is now in the process of creating an entire line of train furniture as well as high-end limited edition O Gauge accessories and scenic elements. Roger’s goal through TrainWorx is to preserve the legacy of model railroading and share it with future generations of toy train enthusiasts.

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