Having a layout designed specifically for you and your needs is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
When we're asked to design a special set of plans from scratch, we understand you want a layout that's unique, fits you perfectly, and is achievable within your budget. Working with our talented, experienced design team is extremely easy, cost effective, and rewarding. As the preferred builder for Lionel® and with over 30 corporate, museum and residential large scale layouts under out belt, our experience, skill and expertise is recognized by industry professionals everywhere.

The Custom Building Process

Initial Consultations
The important part of initial meetings is that we listen to all your goals and dreams for your layout, as well as your limitations. Armed with our comprehensive layout questionnaire, we will work with you to determine the site preference, size, shape and current- as well as future- assets and collections that you need encompassed on the layout. Then, as the design materializes, we can tweak things to suit your needs further, until it fits your lifestyle, property, and budget perfectly.

Design Completion and Review
When all the design elements are in place, preliminary design documents will be printed and evaluated with you, to make sure everything is complete. This final design will then be signed off as approved by you, and your working construction drawings – track and electrical plans, lighting plans, custom cabinetry working drawings - will be produced.

  Project Collaboration
If your layout is being designed for a newly constructed or for a remodeled home, we will work with key collaborators in your project, such as your architect, lighting designer, interior designer and other industry professionals to ensure that the finished train room is as well planned and functional as it is beautiful.

Construction and Installation
Your layout will be constructed in our Dallas facility, disassembled in strategically planned units, transported and fitted into your home. We email photos and progress reports throughout the construction phase to keep you updated and we invite you to visit often during construction of your layout. Upon installation, our team will work to minimize any mess and inconvenience while creating a room that will delight you for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a custom layout cost?
The foundation of our collaboration is trust. As a custom design is a completely unique creation - the price range will depend on the complexity of the layout, the collection of trains, tracks and structures utilized, the finishes of the cabinetry and landscape desired, transportation costs to the site, as well as other factors and costs. The final price will be determined by the design specifications. We will prepare a “ballpark” estimate with an approximated low-high range during the initial design consultation and work with you to prepare a budget for your project.

Can I use my existing train (track, structure) collection?
Yes, we can incorporate your existing collection into your custom layout. We can also design and build your table to fit different model scales.

Can I theme my layout?
Absolutely! From movie themed layouts (think Harry Potter or Polar Express) to corporate holdings (we modeled BNSF’s Berkshire Hathaway businesses into Berkyville) to clients who simply want a layout featuring their favorite cities, towns, and neighborhoods (we have even modeled a client’s historically registered houses) - if you can dream it, chances are, we can create it to scale!

For questions about your order, call toll free at (214) 634-2965. Our hours are 9 am to 5 pm CST.